Third Party Follow Up

What are your unpaid claims costing you?

What is the game plan to get them paid?

Do you have an expert team dedicated to chasing down aged & denied claims?

Third party follow up must be the core expertise of any successful medical billing agency, like it is at MAS. This is what we have been doing since 1986. We follow up and secure payments from all third party payers whether it is Medicaid, Medicare, any commercial carrier or HMO. The MAS method maximizes collections using follow-up billing until a resolution is found on every account.

Highlights of Medical Account Solutions’ Third Party Follow-Up include:

  • Immediate contact with the insurance carriers to check the status of each medical claim
  • A dedicated staff that is well-versed with the regulations of various insurance carriers
  • Thorough follow-up with detailed conclusion provided
  • Providing your business office with appropriate investigative staff and analysis with an easy to read monthly report package for tracking trends and collections
  • Complete integration with providers system, if desired
  • Our professional assurance that each account will be statused regularly until it is brought to conclusion
  • Improved collection rates that maximizes your bottom-line