Workers’ Compensation Billing and No-Fault Billing (Motor Vehicle Accident)

Worker’s Compensation claims and No-Fault billing claims are the least likely of medical billing claims to be successfully collected by a hospital staff.  This is due to the fact that insurance companies use regulations and legal maneuvering to their advantage. Let MAS be your hospital staff’s medical billing expert and maximize collections and maximize patient revenue on these and other types of claims.

Highlights of Medical Account Solutions’ Workers’ Compensation and No-Fault (Motor Vehicle Accident) solutions include:

  • We use state insurance regulations and legal maneuvering to the advantage of the hospital
  • We utilize all information that the hospital has at the time of discharge, and supplement that information as needed
  • MAS has its own physician consultants to review medical records
  • We are flexible in our approach to obtaining medical records and will provide staff for photocopying them at the hospital if so required
  • MAS has had tremendous success in Worker’s Compensation and No-Fault Billing claims and has an exclusive “in-house counsel” that specializes in these areas
  • A proven track record and over twenty years of experience for these product lines. With a consistent recovery rate of 85% or better, we are among the industry’s top performers.