Medical Billing for Hospitals

How is Medical Account Solutions’ service ‘medical billing for hospitals’ different from other companies?

Medical Billing for Hospitals by MASThat one is simple… Since our inception in 1986, MAS has been providing medical billing for hospitals in New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.  Our company beliefs are to work as an extension of your business office; we will work on your behalf to bring each account to its resolution. We believe so deeply in what we do, that we take a shared responsibility in your finances.  Our approach is not to charge a fee until there are marked improvements in your cash collections. Therefore, you won’t need to tie up valuable assets in up-front fees, and, can immediately enjoy the benefits of improved cash flow!

Highlights of Medical Account Solutions’ service ‘Medical Billing for Hospitals’ include:

  • MAS works in an organized and methodical manner by implementing an effective process to evaluate and manage your receivable.
  • MAS’ staff is committed to maximizing and securing all possible collections.
  • MAS works independently, never taking up more of your time then necessary.
  • MAS is tenacious, our staff loves battling insurance reps and appealing claims!
  • MAS delivers results and improves your overall cash flow acceleration!

Under the MAS “win-win partnership model” we have developed a fresh and innovative approach that enables us to efficiently address each hospital’s unique medical billing needs. Our proven methods enable us to deliver outstanding results with minimal client involvement. MAS handles virtually all of the details and keeps your focus on your most pressing issues.

Contact us now to schedule a complimentary, no-obligation strategy session to see if one of our medical billing packages is right for you.