Self Pay Collections

Self-pay collections are a class of medical receivables that should be handled with a firm but sensitive nature. MAS prides ourselves on our ability to maximize patient revenue without jeopardizing a hospital’s public relations.

Highlights of Medical Account Solutions’ Self-Pay Collection Program include:

  • Scheduled telephone calls by collectors to establish a line of communication, resolve the issues, and collect the balance
  • Permanently assigned accounts to specific collectors within our Self-Pay Division, substantially improving communication between patients and MAS
  • MAS uses the best resources and technology in the industry for locating debtors
  • Online Credit Card and Check-by-Phone payment services
  • MAS is respectful of maintaining compassion to the community by following all FDCPA, HIPAA and Charity Care policies, as well as respecting each patient’s privacy
  • Deliver strong results while maintaining positive patient and community relations