MAS Medical Billing Technology

Technology Overview

  • Medical Account Solutions performs all core operations through a proprietary application developed within an open, flexible, and scalable architecture.
  • Our system was built specifically to allow us to accept data from virtually any hospital patient accounting system.
  • Our exclusive system is one of the many factors which separate Medical Account Solutions from our competition.

Billing and Collection System

  • Medical Account Solutions maintains a proprietary application for registration and accounts receivable management.
  • A follow-up module allows users to perform follow-up activities based on account age and other factors set up by Medical Account Solutions’ management.
  • Medical Account Solutions maintains an original application for all back office services including paper and electronic claim production, automated remittance processing, month-end reporting, interface processing (inbound and outbound), and other miscellaneous functions.
  • Our system also employs additional add-in functionality such as claim quality assurance, insurance verification and authorization, and insurance searches.
  • All data transmitted and received over any public network is encrypted and password protected.
  • HIPAA compliant transaction files are sent to major intermediaries.

Communications Network Summary

  • An advanced network platform provides all services for data and voice requirements.
  • Our data center houses critical network server and storage hardware in addition to multiple application servers.
  • Our network consists of Windows based servers for all file and print sharing, database, e-mail, web, ftp, and application service functionality.
  • Remote communications are established as secure VPNs with encryption.
  • Medical Account Solutions maintains a communications network that links all corporate sites into a high-speed, reliable, full-time data and voice network.
  • Remote sites are connected via FT1 dedicated frame-relay circuits.
  • ISP connectivity is accomplished through a single T1 circuit located at the data center.
  • All LAN traffic is routed through CISCO routers located on each sub-net.
  • This provides a single seamless network environment for all client computers regardless of physical location.