Ambulance/Emergency Transport Billing Solutions

Ambulance billing can be one of the most time consuming pay medical billing pay classes to be collected. This is due to complicated insurance regulation and transport specific coding. Medical Account Solutions can be your expert transport billing staff.

Highlights of Medical Account Solutions’ Ambulance/Emergency Transport Billing Services include:

  • Provider can outsource all or any part of their business office
  • We provide your business office with appropriate investigative staff and analysis with an easy to read monthly report package for tracking trends and collections
  • MAS’s collectors abide by all FDCPA and HIPAA regulations
  • MAS is respectful of maintaining compassion to the community by following your Charity Care policy and respecting each patient’s privacy
  • Our professional assurance that each account will be statused regularly until it is brought to conclusion
  • Online Credit Card and Check-by-Phone payment services