Medical Billing for Multi-Doctor Offices

Want To Simplify Medical Billing For Your Multi-Doctor Office?

Medical Billing for Multi-Doctor Offices by MAS

Have you ever heard that saying, “do what you do best and hire out the rest”?  Well this may be one of those times.  In our numerous conversations with multi-doctor practices in New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania over the past 25 or so years, a few things became evident quickly. For starters, the need for one unified medical billing system for all doctors in the practice was critical.  Next, data access, accuracy, and security are paramount, especially since the onset of HIPAA.  And a third core desire is getting paid in a timely fashion (or at all).

These can be huge stumbling blocks for a busy doctor’s office if the right team and systems are not in place.  At MAS, our intention is to make exactly that available to you!

Highlights of Medical Account Solutions’ service ‘Medical Billing for Multi-Doctor Offices’ include:

  • MAS works in an organized and methodical manner by implementing an effective process to evaluate and manage your receivable.
  • MAS’ staff is committed to maximizing and securing all possible collections.
  • MAS works independently, never taking up more of your time then necessary.
  • MAS is proactive, allowing you to work your most pressing issues.
  • MAS delivers results and improves your overall cash flow acceleration!

MAS also supports your multi-doctor office by staying on top of the constant changes and uncertainty of today’s healthcare environment.  Whether it’s the latest transformation in healthcare reform, ICD-10 regulations, Medical Billing procedures or integration to an ACO (Accountability Care Organization), MAS is there every step of the way to back you through these turbulent times.

Contact us now to schedule a complimentary, no-obligation strategy session to see if one of our medical billing packages is right for you.