MAS Trial Balance Cash Improvement

Are your aged receivables growing and getting out of hand?

Not sure if due diligence has been performed on unpaid claims?

Want to make an impact to your cash flow but do not have the time or staffing to do so?

Whether it’s time to catch up with an aged receivable, crisis intervention or working with turnaround management companies needing rapid results, MAS can maximize collections on a project-by-project basis to work down and collect on your medical receivables.

Medical Account Solutions can create a customized trial balance cash improvement program backed with informational reports to help hospitals improve cash flow and maximize patient revenue. Our programs works your aged trial balance thereby taking the pressure off your staff and allowing them to focus on your current and most pressing needs.

Highlights of Medical Account Solutions’ Trial Balance Cash Improvement Program include:

  • A dedicated and experienced team of medical billing specialists to work and collect your medical claims accounts
  • A chance for you and your staff to concentrate on your new medical receivables
  • Professional and courteous answers to all patient inquiries to resolve account issues
  • Our professional assurance that each account will be statused regularly until it is brought to conclusion
  • Reports on all medical billing actions taken and submitted on a set schedule to the hospital
  • Continual information integration into the facility’s system, if desired
  • Many years of successful experience in trial balance cash improvement