Medical Billing for Health Centers and Clinics

Want to get paid for the work you are actually doing?
Sick of dealing with denials?
Looking to keep your staff on task?

Medical Billing for Health Centers and Clinics by MASWell you’re not alone!  It’s challenges like these that take Health Centers and Clinics away from doing the things you want to do… Serve the Community!

Fret no more because we can help!  MAS has now taken its signature medical billing services, which was once only afforded to larger healthcare organizations, and made them affordable to all including Health Centers and Clinics in New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania!

Highlights of Medical Account Solutions’ Medical Billing and Support Services for Health Centers and Clinics include:

  • MAS works in an organized and methodical manner by implementing an effective process to improve and manage your receivable.
  • MAS’ staff is committed to maintaining compassion and respect to each patient.
  • MAS’ collectors abide by all FDCPA and HIPPA regulations.
  • MAS is proactive, allowing you to work your most pressing issues
  • MAS delivers results and helps you find revenue you never had before!

MAS can provide another set of expert eyes and ears to strengthen your processes and enhance revenue generation allowing you to devote time and attention to planning and organizing for future growth.

Contact us now to schedule a complimentary, no-obligation strategy session to see if one of our medical billing packages is right for your Health Center or Clinic.