MAS History

A Past to Be Proud Of – A Future to Build Towards

Medical Account Solutions (MAS) provides expert medical billing services, an increasingly critical, complex and exacting healthcare service that requires a solid foundation of industry knowledge, timely access to current regulatory data, attention to detail, and commitment to strict standards.

According to research by and other sources, the healthcare industry spends $26 billion annually on revenue cycle management operations. And, over 25,000 hospital and medical group employees work only on denial-management tasks. Of the 15 billion U.S. healthcare claims, 25 to 40 percent are rejected or denied in the administrative process; only half of those are followed-up and resubmitted.

In response to this dire bottom-line need experienced by growing numbers of healthcare providers, MAS has dedicated our staff, our technical expertise and our 20 years of experience to one mission: improving healthcare receivables’ collection rates. And, with our concentrated, proactive focus, we are significantly more successful in meeting receivables’ goals than most healthcare institutions could possibly do on their own.

Under the MAS “win-win partnership model”, the MAS team literally becomes an extension of the client’s back office. In acknowledgment of the benefits of professional education, ongoing training for all staff is funded by MAS.

Leveraging our team’s aggregate knowledge and our flexible proprietary software applications, we have developed an innovative and versatile approach that enables us to efficiently address each institution’s unique billing needs, as diverse and dynamically changing as they may be.

MAS approaches medical billing from a whole brain thinking perspective, using well-designed, integrated disciplines to deliver these key benefits:

  • Accelerated cash flow
  • Minimized labor costs and improved efficiencies
  • Prompt payments
  • Full regulatory compliance

In addition, our innovative and flexible technology solutions enables MAS to work with the client’s operating system and exactly mirror their billing data, while maintaining secure communications and addressing all of a clients’ billing needs.

Attainment of Performance Expectations

Our industry acumen and rigorous standards have earned high marks from our large client base, which includes Columbia University (NY), St. Vincent’s Catholic Medical Center (NY), Virtua Health (NJ), and Chestnut Hill Health Systems (PA).

Let MAS demonstrate how we can help increase your bottom line with significantly improved cash flow and efficiency your office can enjoy by partnering with MAS, instead of struggling to manage receivables on your own. MAS will assume the role of a “receivables manager”, allowing you to devote time and attention to planning and organizing for future growth.

It’s simple: Let MAS handle the details so you can focus on the big picture.

Customized Revenue Management

Yes, it’s your billing function, and MAS can provide another set of expert eyes and ears to strengthen your processes and enhance revenue generation. Based on 20 years of successfully meeting the needs of our diverse client base, we have developed programs that are precisely customized to each client’s unique medical billing scenario.

By staying strictly focused on Accounts Receivable Management, MAS has developed innovative methods to secure collections efficiently and effectively. To everyone’s benefit, we can get the job done faster and more efficiently than the client’s staff can on their own.

Flexible Proprietary Software

MAS learned early on that advanced technology makes a critical difference in managing the billing function. Accordingly, we have designed our own exclusive software with the flexibility and scalability to extract data from a wide range of operating systems, for added efficiency, accuracy and peace of mind.

Certified Billing Professionals

At MAS, we continually invest in the ongoing training and development of our staff. Experience has taught us that our people make the critical difference when it comes to delivering superior service and supporting our clients’ success.

All MAS employees commit to uphold our organizational values, which encompass professional and technical expertise, communication skills, teamwork and individual leadership initiatives. We integrate these values into disciplined work protocols to ensure all staff members are held accountable to key result areas. These key result areas include job productivity, best communication practices, client/employee satisfaction, financial discipline, and ongoing professional development.

Seamless Systems Integration

We understand that the key to delivering quality medical billing solutions is to work with the client’s original data. Our front-end profiling process and proprietary software enable us to download any job from the client’s system and create an all-important mirror image on the MAS system. Using our system’s extraordinary flexibility, we then create targeted reports to identify, clarify and reduce the types of billing errors that prevent clients from getting their receivables on time-or at all. Our proven methods enable us to deliver excellent service and optimum results with minimal client involvement. MAS handles virtually all of the details.