avatarBeing in the trenches of healthcare as a practicing Chiropractor, I understand the challenges facing healthcare providers when it comes to collections. I also understand the importance of personal service when it comes to managing this portion of the business. Organization and structure are paramount when it comes to collections. The system you choose can be the difference between surviving and thriving in your business. Unfortunately, most companies attempting to address these concerns lack a thorough understanding of the needs of the small business. No company understands this better than Medical Account Solutions and no individual will take the time to understand and address your individual needs better than Bill Baylis. It's nice to finally have a face behind the name of an account solutions company. Thanks to Bill, the days of the "Red Tape" impersonal approach to managing collections are over. If you are looking for a solution to your collection challenges, please speak to Bill immediately...you'll be glad you did!

Dr. Gregg Baron
Chief Operating Officer at D.R.E.A.M. Wellness
avatarI've had the pleasure of working with Bill and his company for several years and can attest to the fact that client service and satisfaction is Priority One at Medical Account Solutions. Bill ensures that his entire staff demonstrates that same dedication to all clients of MAS

Ralph Somma
Owner, Law Office of Ralph A. Somma
Bill is a terrific individual who has always provided wonderful services for the organizations I worked at! He has tremendous integrity and has worked in this industry for many years

Stu Schiffman
Director of Revenue Management at Catholic Health Services
Bill Baylis has applied his expertise and experience to be a good resource to rely upon for support. He effectively leverages his experience to provide effective solutions, and is always immediately available to jump in and help. His “win-win" approach trancends just the business relationship, as he always strives to be a good partner and supporter to those with whom he engages

Gerry Lowe
Vice President for Finance at Virtua Health
Over the past several months I have increase Bill's work load because of the ROI. I have also hire Bill's team to do my IT conversion

Omar Ishmael
Director at Episcopal Health Services
Bill is a very honest, energetic, intelligent person who always works hard to achieve client satisfaction. He knows the business, is bottom line driven but never compromises his ethical beliefs to achieve success

Lou D'auria
Associate Director, Provider Realations, AmeriChoice
Bill has always done a good job. He keeps you informed throughout the process and gives you good results at a reasonable cost. He is reliable and trustworthy and reacts immediately to resolve any issues or concerns that may arise

Phil Nies
Director of Patient Accounts at Winthrop University Hospital
avatarI've known Bill and his company for a long time. With his knowledge and experience, he always brings value to the table for his clients and it is a pleasure, as well as rewarding, to work with him

Ed McGinnis
Corporate Director-Finance, Liberty Healthcare Management, LLC
I've had the distinct pleasure of working directly with Bill and his executive team over the better part of 2010 and have to say I'm having a blast! Bill's got the charisma, he's got the desire, he's got the integrity, and best yet, he's got the smarts to continue to make a huge impact on the Medical Billing arena for Healthcare providers of all sizes... I've seen him do it.

Dean Mercado
Internet Marketing Coach / Internet Marketing Consultant at Online Marketing Muscle