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Bill Baylis talks about the state of Medical Billing and Outsourcing

In a short video, Medical Account Solutions President, Bill Baylis talks about the state of medical billing on Friday , January  7th  at the Health and Business Alliance. The HBA meets at The Holliswood Hospital 87-37 Palermo Street Holliswood, Queens, NY.  For more information, call Bill Baylis at 516-348-7282 or visit the HBA website at

Bill recommends that hospitals focus on doing what they do best, and let others—experts—take care of the rest!  Click here now to watch the video on the front page of the MAS website!

A special thanks to the HBA for all of their support!!

About MAS: Is there a certain area in your medical billing process which is slowing you down or eating into profits?  You no longer have to let an unmet billing need undermine your strength and efficiency.  With its team of talented medical billing experts, Medical Account Solutions (MAS) can help your healthcare organization identify and focus on your unique problem and fill the void to keep your billing processes running smoothly.