Mental Health Billing & Behavioral Health Billing

Mental & Behavioral Health billing is becoming an increasing complicated medical billing class due to budget cuts and ever-changing healthcare reform. Maintaining compassion for the community is a major goal of MAS’s Mental & Behavioral Health billing sector. MAS can maximize patient revenue for medical claims while maintaining patient trust and good will. Let us be your expert medical billing office so you can concentrate on your patients.

Highlights of Medical Account Solutions’ Mental & Behavioral Health billing Program include:

  • Deliver strong results while maintaining positive patient and community relations
  • MAS is respectful of maintaining compassion to the community by following all FDCPA, HIPAA and Charity Care policies, as well as respecting each patient’s privacy
  • Provider can outsource all or any part of their Mental Health and/or Behavioral Health business office
  • We provide your business office with appropriate investigative staff and analysis with an easy to read monthly report package for tracking trends and collections
  • A dedicated and experienced team of healthcare financial specialists to work on your account
  • Our professional assurance that each account will be statused regularly until it is brought to conclusion