Hospital Outpatient Billing and Follow-up

When it comes to Outpatient Billing and Follow-up Services, Hospitals need to ask themselves one big question…

Is the task of managing this receivable in-house the best use of hospital time, money and resources?

Hospital Outpatient Billing and Follow-upSimply put, the finances of a Hospital’s Outpatient Department is in a class of its own. The sheer volume of outpatient visits… and ultimately claims… can overwhelm even the most gifted hospital manager.

For hospitals, this is a never ending battle.  We liken it to a daily tsunami pelting hospitals with waves of information gathering, processing, and follow-up  needed to get claims paid.  Between the billing process itself and the denials produced, hospitals are continuously challenged to devote the time, money, and resources to handle this efficiently and profitably.

Since 1986 hospitals have entrusted MAS to do just that.  Empowering MAS to take ownership, organize, and systematize open outpatient receivables.  End result, saving hospitals countless man-hours that they could deploy in other pressing areas as well as a reliable profit center.

Some Additional Benefits of Medical Account Solutions’ Hospital Outpatient Billing and Follow-up include:

    • MAS creates the necessary IT interface between the hospital’s and MAS’s proprietary billing systems
    • MAS puts an end to the headache of uncollected receivables
    • MAS provides early warning of potentially costly areas not being addressed by the hospital
    • MAS helps the hospital maintain payroll status quo
    • MAS creates a reliable and profitable revenue stream with minimal hospital involvement
    • MAS’s motivation is simple… we don’t get paid until you get paid!

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