MAS asks What is your biggest LinkedIn PET PEEVE?

LinkedIn Pet Peeves

There is no doubt LinkedIn is a powerful tool as part of a strong marketing strategy in connecting and building relationships, alliances and joint venture opportunities.

LinkedIn sets itself apart from other social media sites in the way you find and make connections.  Rather than just “following” or sending “requests to connect”, it allows you to personalize the way you can introduce yourself, and start building relationships.

A huge part of your success in LinkedIn may depend on how much effort you make to personalize your invitations, introductions and start conversations with people.  As in local networking when you are attending Chamber of Commerce meetings, for example, the way you present yourself is very important to the way others perceive who you are and what you do.  It is important to realize that everyone has “pet peeves” about networking and with social media sites, it is no different.

Recently, I joined a LinkedIn Group call “LinkChat”, we were talking about this very subject.  LinkChat is a great place to build your networking skills and learn about  “everything” LinkedIn.  We connect every Tuesday night 8:00 PM on Twitter @ #LinkedInChat. You are welcome to join in the conversation.

Using the Standard LinkedIn Intro is my biggest Pet Peeve.  I feel that making an introduction without  a proper hello is really… well… rude, and that’s why I have created a poll to find out what annoys and ultimately has a negative effect on the people we are connected to in LinkedIn.  I feel it is time to clarify the Linkedin etiquette!

I invite you to take a moment and give me your valuable input on this poll.  The deadline is December 16th and I will be sharing the results in my next blog post shortly thereafter.  The more people who participate, the more accurate and insightful the results will be. So after you vote why not share with your own network and let’s see what we can learn together.


The results may provide valuable feedback in how you can be much more effective and show better results in your LinkedIn activities. I look forward to hearing what bugs you.


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