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What does it take to be a medical billing expert?

The American Heritage Dictionary describes an “expert” as “a person with a high degree of skill in a knowledge of a certain subject.”

You’ll often hear the word expert used by just about anyone and in different contexts. There’s the expert witness or the expert consultant. By the definition alone, anyone who has gone to school and earned a degree could technically be called an expert. Technically.

But we all know it takes more than a few forgotten classes to make someone an expert. In my opinion, an expert is someone who is involved in ongoing practice and education to master their craft.

Just as doctor’s and health care practitioners must continue to educate themselves to stay on top of new treatments and methodologies, it’s vital for medical billing companies to stay in the know about various aspects that fall under the medical billing umbrella.

At MAS, we work hard to stay ahead of the curve and know everything there is to know about what’s on the horizon. When other companies are still focused only on compliance and EMR, we are looking ahead to things like ICD-10, over turning denials and appeals.

Don’t know what that is? Give  us a call or drop us a line at MAS, we’ll be happy to tell you. After all, it’s our job to be experts in medical billing….and your job as a doctor to be an expert in patient care.