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Rallying to Save a Special School

Over the years our MAS blog has brought attention to many subjects in the healthcare and medical billing world… This week I would like to bring your focus to the closing of a special school, Sacred Heart of North Merrick.

On Tuesday December 5, 2012 we received notice the school is closing its doors in June.


The shame here is that this came without warning, and, even more disturbing, without a proper explanation by the Bishop’s Advisory Committee on Catholic Education, who made this decision.

Yes, we all know we are living in “these difficult economic times”, but in this case there are a few things that are not making sense for my family, Sacred Heart’s 234 students and their families:

1. SHS has 234 paying students
2. Enrollment is climbing, SHS had to add a 2nd kindergarten class for the 1st time
3. Subsidy from the diocese is at its lowest in years
4. SHS fundraising is strong (we just put in a new gym floor)
5. Received Middle States accreditation last year
6. In one graduating class, SHS produced 4 valedictorians at Catholic high schools!
7. And so much more!!

I think you can start to see the confusion of our situation, and see that, behind the scenes, we have worked proactive to avoid this very situation.

Alright I know you are asking what I can do the help 234 great kids this Christmas?

Well, we all know there is power in numbers and we are looking for you to join a rallying cause.

Here are 3 easy things to do to join us…
1. Re-post this blog
2. Re-tweet it use hash tag #SaveSacredHeart
3. Join our Facebook Group called Save Sacred Heart

Want to do even more? Here is how…
1. Call the Bishop Murphy’s office demanding explanation to the schools families at
2. Write to his office (click here for the address)
3. Join us at an upcoming Rally (our first one is Saturday 12:30PM)

We are already seeing results… keep the momentum going… Thank you for joining us! See you at the rally… we will be wearing Red to show our support and love for our school!!



MAS is Cheering to send TSINY Special Olympian to Greece

MAS is proud to support Transitional Services for New York, Inc. (TSINY) in their efforts to send “Lenny” a Special Olympic hopeful to Greece. TSINY is a not for profit multi-faceted mental health corporation that seeks to enrich the lives of the mentally ill.

Lenny Wilkens, our athlete came to TSINY unable to complete basic, daily functions.  She was so wild that her own family rejected her.  The TSINY staff worked persistently with Lenny at Hope House, their residence in Queens Village, and offered her the opportunity to exercise, where they noted our athlete’s propensity to excel at Power Lifting and began helping her.

Lenny began participating in the Special Olympics six years ago and has now been chosen to represent the United States in Greece. She will compete in power lifting, a strength sport that includes bench press, squat and the dead lift. Our athlete has enjoyed competing and making friends. We know her life has been enhanced by her participation.

Watch this quick video then follow the instructions below to join us in cheering for Lenny!

It costs nearly $9,000 to send Lenny to Greece and she must be accompanied by a TSINY staff member. To this end, we are trying to raise $20,000 and greatly appreciate your support. Donations are also being accepted.

We look forward to your support and seeing you there. Contact Terry LoPiano directly to purchase tickets or make a donation via phone (718) 746-6647 ext 11 or email at