Bradys New HealthCare Chart to Cost Twice As Much?

Last year, I posted Congressman Kevin Brady’s New Health Care Chart because I was just amazed at the size and complexity of the thing.  And no one can deny Obamacare is a massive undertaking.

Bradys New Healthcare Chart times two


Like I pointed out in that post, the sheer size and complexity of the plan made it even more important than before for hospitals and smaller practices to get some help navigating the murky waters of health care billing in the years to come.

But now, we’ve got even more to worry about. Maybe Double?

According to the latest numbers, Obamacare is going to cost twice as much as originally promised!  I don’t know about you, but that makes me need to sit down and take a few deep breaths.  We’re talking about 1.79 trillion dollars!

The post I’m referencing here is from The Gateway Pundit, a Republican blog.  Obviously, they’re pointing out the political side of things.  And maybe Democrats did what ever they had to get Obamacare passed and say that the facts are wrong like this Media Matters post.  But regardless of that, “We” in Healthcare are left to deal with the results.

Like I’ve pointed out before, this thing can mean the end of a practice that isn’t willing and able to change with the times and start focusing on running their office like the business it is.  That means making the necessary adjustments to keep overhead down and profit up, without sacrificing the quality of patient care.

Adding the right follow-up staff to your team can a great start  because in the “old world” of health care in the United States, it might not have been necessary to worry about collecting old receivables or monitoring insurance claims like a hawk.  But with a 1.79 trillion dollar upheaval on the horizon, the “old world” is disappearing fast. Gross collections will be “KING” and every dollar will count!

What steps are you taking to make sure your ship stays on course to success?

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